Photographer / Designer

Danielle Gavagni

A gray cat slinks past a wooden house.
There’s something a little intimidating
attempting to describe

As a photographer and graphic designer, I find my passion in creating dramatic visuals. Through photography, I’ve made some of my best friends and traveled to amazing places – all while doing what I love.

From little league fields to professional stadiums and from local Florida lakes to the banks of the Persian Gulf in Dubai, I’ve had the privilege of following my passion. Yet my desire for capturing the shot is the same whether I’m working for one of the world’s largest brands or simply grabbing one of life’s random moments with my phone.

I like things that move fast. I love to be busy. I enjoy the unexpected. That’s what draws me to sports and outdoor adventure. From explosive excitement on the water to perfect plays on the soccer pitch, there’s nothing more satisfying than capturing the ultimate action during live sporting events.

Like the athletes pushing their bodies to the limit, my goal is to create raw images that tell their story through unique camera angles and by balancing the intense action with subtle flair and details.

I surround myself with the best team in the business and couldn’t imagine sharing my passion any other way. Now I look forward to sharing that passion with you.


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